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AdWords Advertising Santa Rosa
Google Ads appear on the top of Google Search Result pages. In this example we used Dentist Santa Rosa as our Keyword Phrase. Although many end users know that these are paid ads, an ad in the first position on Google gets an average click through rate of 7%.
Google Maps are located right under the Google AdWords Advertisements. Business Address/Location Is The Primary Piece Of Information Sought By Local Searchers when determining weather or not to visit your business. Your business needs to appear in Google Maps with-in a 15 mile radius of your customers search from their desktops or mobile devices.

Google AdWords Advertising allows for instant search exposure and first page ranking.
Measurable, Accountable & Flexible

PPC (pay per click) marketing campaigns provide the highest ROI for our clients that need immediate results. Sometimes a business owner cannot wait for organic SEO, or an SEO campaign to start producing results. Our PPC management and AdWords process is designed to immediately start driving new business! We are waiting to help you convert more leads today.

Google AdWords Service Santa Rosa

Intelligent, targeted ads on Google are very effective. Imagine when a customer searches for “pizza” or “italian food” and your ad appears offering 10% off their meal. We’ll design the ad, track the effectiveness, and make sure you get customers.

The TradeMark Studio will craft solid AdWords Campaigns that promote your specialty services with the right message that drive new customers to your business.

Google Ads can yield instant results if done intelligently. We optimize your campaign so you pay less per click and only target customers in your area. In addition, we track the results to ensure you’re getting a high Return On Investment (ROI).


Whats Your ROI?

Why market your business if you can’t track the results of your marketing efforts?
At The TradeMark Studio we believe you should always be aware of how your marketing dollars are
being spent and the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Google AdWords Optimization & Reporting

Google AdWords Optimization Santa Rosa

The TradeMark Studio looks at many different metrics each day to ensure your ads are competing at a very high level. We Manage and Optimize your business’ Google AdWords, and Social Media Advertising daily. We create many ads to see what ads are performing better than others. We meet with and report to you monthly to discuss each campaign and answer any questions you have

Customer Lead Generation Tracking

Google AdWords Call Tracking & Reporting

The TradeMark Studio will track all of your new customer leads from every campaign we are working on with you. We track your campaigns using call tracking software that will let us know how many calls your business receives each month from both Local SEO and Paid Online Advertising. You are able to log-in to your call tracking dashboard a review your call each day and even listen to the type of call it was.

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Google AdWords Advertising Santa Rosa

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